Uncategorized May 16, 2024

Open Letter to Coachella Valley Agents

If you are a professional Real Estate Agent, the end of blanket offers of compensation could be the single biggest opportunity of your lifetime.

You know the saying is true… “challenges create opportunity.”

Those who embrace this change will find the opportunity to create the future of how real estate is bought and sold.

I think this is an opportunity to focus on your true value…

I believe Real Estate Agents and Brokerages play one of the most valuable roles in our society.

– You guide families through life’s most monumental transitions.

– You are a trusted advisor in the biggest investment your clients will ever make.

– You knit together the fabric of our society and communities.

And yet, the recent glut of Agents and Brokerages has us in a race to the bottom in a battle over price and fees… competing over who will be the cheapest.

But competing on price is only relevant in the absence of true value.

In the absence of value, we competing on price reduces us to a commodity sold at auction.

Perhaps now we can shift the focus from lower price to elevating our value. Not all Agents offer the same level of service, marketing, and expertise.

The public is being told by the media that our industry has been found guilty of overcharging and conspiring to set fees.

So if we are going to be accused of a conspiracy…

How about if we start conspiring to elevate our value to our Clients!

When you think about it, the question, “Why would I pay a Buyer’s Agent?” is a fair question for a Buyer to ask… especially when asked to sign a contract and pay for the service they will recieve.

The future belongs to Agents who can answer that question by showing their value.

A true professional can articulate their value and justify their worth.

In the days ahead…

You are going to need a new Buyer Presentation (or should we rename it a “Buyer Value Proposition”)

We will shift from selling houses to selling Representation first. That’s a very different presentation for many Agents.

You and I are in this together. I’m here to support you in every way possible. I am absolutely passionate about helping Agents enhance their value proposition and pursue excellence.

I am here to elevate our industry and create for Agents the esteem they deserve.

Perhaps you’ve seen my value based campaign “Brand Matters” I created to help my Agents get ahead of the coming changes.

We also created our own 2 page Buyer Representation Agreement. It’s more user friendly and provides more protection for the Agent than the CAR version.
And it gives the Buyer less intimidating options.

My “Perfect Pitch” workshop helps Agents cut through the confusion and clearly communicate value in 30 seconds, or 3 minutes, or 30 minutes.

The race to the bottom on the path of price competition is well worn. The path to the top of value, prestige, is less traveled but makes all the difference.   Let’s take the high road together.

Two roads

diverged in the wood,

and I…

I took the one

less traveled by,

And that has made

all the difference.

  • Robert Frost

Here’s the Link to schedule time for us to chat about value proposition. www.Calendly.com/tompelton Or just call text me now! 714-348-2350